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Reiki sessions: In person or Virtual

I offer Reiki for adults, children, plants, or pets. I offer sessions in-person at Yoga Farm Ithaca or I can come to your local house. In-person sessions can include light touch or no touch. I also also virtual sessions, which can be on the phone, over zoom, or at a designated time. Both in-person and distance Reiki sessions are beautiful and effective ways to receive Reiki.

During the session, there's nothing you need to do except sink your body down and feel the support of the table or chair. I often play gentle music (optional). You might fall asleep and the Reiki will still flow. 

"I have found reiki a helpful way to access a calmer and quieter part of my mind. Typically I have to intentionally work to access this space through meditation and other solo endeavors, but with Kristine's support I am able to access this calmer space with greater ease. 

"With her help I have gotten more practiced at receiving reiki and more attuned to how my mind and body respond to the exchange. 

"It is a gift to be able to become more attune to oneself in the presence of another and this is precisely what reiki with Kristine offers."

-Erica O, Ithaca, NY

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The short of Reiki

Reiki is a relaxation and energy healing technique rooted in Japan. The word Reiki is broken down into the Japanese words Rei and ki.

Rei = universal

ki = life force energy

Reiki is universal life force energy, which naturally flows through all living beings. So, applying the practice of Reiki facilitates the movement of energy through the body. The facilitation seems to stimulate the natural healing capacity of the receiver. I say 'seems to' purposefully, since the mechanism of how Reiki works is not understood. What is known is that the technique helps people become energetically balanced in physical, emotional, and mental ways. 

Reiki is sometimes referred to as 'biofield therapy', distinguishing its biological energy from other energy sources. All living beings have electric fields because much of our bodies are made up of ions in solution. Ie, we're full of calcium, sodium, and potassium ions that move across our cell membranes through voltage-gated channels (look up electrophysiology and bioelectromagnetism if you're interested!).

Reiki is a complementary treatment and is not intended to replace your medical approaches or treatment.

Reiki has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety and increase quality of life. 

Personal Experience

After my first Reiki session, I was neither sold on it or impressed. I was pregnant with my second babe and in a lot of pain. I had pinched nerve pain down the back of my leg for several weeks towards the end of the pregnancy and I was trying lots of remedies. While relaxing overall, that first Reiki session didn't produce less nerve pain and that was my overriding intention at the time. [What did work was stretching a small hamstring muscle (did you know there are three hamstrings at the back of each thigh?) with none other than a tennis ball! Thanks to Dr. Christine Trumble, an Ithaca-based pelvic floor and maternal health physical therapist, sitting on a tennis ball immediately gave me relief. It continues to serve me if that same nerve pinches up.]

I tried Reiki again several years later during a full body massage. After that 'massage & Reiki' session, with Lisa Smith LMT, I became totally sold. My experience was visceral and visual. I felt waves of emotional release. In that experience, I saw swirling colors on the backs of my eyelids. Lisa is skilled practitioner and she renewed my interest in Reiki. 

I went on to experience Reiki again and again and I continue to receive regular treatments from others. I don't usually see colors, btw. I do regularly find it relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating. I think that during my first experience I wasn't open to it. So, in my experience, if we're close-minded or the timing isn't right, it might seem not to work. However, the receiver does not have to 'believe in it' to benefit from the treatment. 

I was so sold on my experiences that I got two Reiki practitioner certifications and now I'm thrilled to offer treatments to others. I highly recommend receiving a treatment or gifting a session to a loved one who is suffering or needs a boost.

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In addition to accumulating first hand experience, I've done some secondary research on the science of Reiki. Below is a bit of what I found in case you're also interested. 

Definitely try Reiki for yourself and your own research and, in the meantime, check out the articles here, which shed some scientific light on the mysterious nature of Energy Healing.

And some scientific, peer-reviewed research articles are below.

Reiki Session Rates

I receive payment through Zelle, Venmo, Paypal. I accept cash/check if in person. 

If the session is at your house, expect a travel fee depending on your location. 

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