'Just the thing I needed.'

Let me appreciate and help you. 

May 7, 2024

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week/Month! 

You give so much. Time to receive.

Are you a teacher or do you know one who's feeling stressed or tense? As a thank you to teachers, I'm giving them a free session. Any kind of teacher. Anytime this year. My goal is to give to 25 teachers, so please pass the word. 

This is for a teacher who feels: 



tense, or 


We can work on something that's been bothering you this week, this year, or on something from further in the past that keeps popping up...

I wish x wouldn't keep happening.

why can't I be relaxed about y? 

why won't they do z? 

You choose... either I'll do the healing for you–Reiki or we can work together to release your issue through inner healing–somatic mindfulness and inquiry.

Teachers can let me know they have this gift voucher. Redeem for an hour session anytime this year.

Are you ready to dive within?

April 20, 2024

Are you ready to really live and love life? Do you want to FREE yourself from suffering, feeling stuck, and fearful? Are you ready to be filled with life purpose?

You might be ready. 

Do you have the thoughts, "I want to run away" or "I want to hide" or "I want to disappear"?

You might be ready.

Perhaps you feel that suffering or unhealthy habits are inevitable parts of life and you just have to weather the storm and move on. If so, you are not alone. I have been exactly there and I have also come out of the darkest of nights. 

You don't have to continue suffering or ignore your discomfort. I guide you every step of the way toward ease, clarity of purpose, comfort, and joy.

I have learned to feel extreme stress and emotion without disintegrating under the pressure. You can learn too. Like I did, you might find your unwanted habits and addictions quit you. Read more about my story here.

I want to help. 

Are you ready to release what's no longer serving you, shift your life, and achieve your intentions and goals?

We will begin by centering and clarifying together, starting with the nervous system. Using somatic mindfulness (body awareness) and inquiry, we go where you want in our sessions and where you are ready to look. We listen on multiple levels to your pains. We work to overcome what is holding you back. We replace fear and control with love and freedom. You can learn how to maintain steadiness in the eye of the storm, no matter what is going on around you. I am here to help. 

This program is for you if you're experiencing any of these:

After working through the program, you will feel freer, happier, and clear about your purpose so you can have the impact you want in life while doing what you love.

Somatic Mindfulness & Inquiry at Yoga Farm Ithaca

March 29, 2024

Invitation to release expectations this week in the inquiry portion of my somatic mindfulness class at Yoga Farm Ithaca this Saturday at 11:30a. Here’s a teaser and I hope to see you there in person…

The lunar eclipse with the full moon offers a time to see what’s ready to be released. This was the deepest penumbral eclipse for North and South America since February 2017 and you might be feeling its strength this week. 

You might’ve been shown beliefs, habits, or interactions that no longer serve you. “What can I let go of or say goodbye to that would serve my highest good?”

One way to think of expectations is that life should be a certain way.







You wouldn’t sh*t on yourself, so don’t should on yourself either.

What if you were free of the word ‘should’? What if you gave yourself permission to release expectations?

Could it be that something wonderful is happening in my life?

“Just when you think life can’t get any better, it does.” -Byron Katie

Guided meditation with Kristine (13 minutes)

Somatics for Caregivers

March 15, 2024

I had such a good time guiding somatic mindfulness and inquiry at the Cornell Child Care Center. They invited me to lead group sessions to celebrate Women’s History Month and new women entrepreneurs during their staff development day. 

It was wonderful to give back to the amazing teachers and staff who devote themselves to caring for littles in our community. Many of them cared for my kiddos during their years at 4C. Wonderful to be with them. Love 'em! 💜

I received such good feedback and am invited to return in May for teacher appreciation month. I’ll also guide the New Parents Group at Jillian’s Drawers April 24th in their speaker series.

I also had several asks for podcasts or recorded guidance, so I’m linking to a meditation I have on YouTube AND I’m planning to record more 😊


March 7, 2024

Listen to the winds of change...

They beckon and portend

They burn away what no longer serves

They are fueled by air and gusto, momentum

They are rooted in the changing seasons

They come and go

Direct your winds with bliss and creativity.

One of my loves, continued

February 28, 2024

This month I guided somatic inquiries on the theme of love 💕 

Here, I share part 2 about one of my loves! 

I love my work! I have such good sessions. Good sessions occur in the ways of tuning into the body, relaxing, regulating, healing, and envisioning. My clients feel safe to be in their bodies in my sessions. Embodiment becomes their go-to state as they adopt somatic practices that help them rewire their habits and nervous systems to work for them not against them. 

I love that sessions and classes often become breakthroughs for clients! They leave being able to see light at the end of the tunnel! They feel more relaxed, regulated, and peaceful. They feel lighter and more confident. They feel seen and supported and buoyed to face whatever comes their way. They can imagine a future happening without anxiety, anger, or sadness. They imagine and welcome a future filled with joy and peace and love. A future full of creativity and inspiration. What would you create next? What will WE ALL create together? It begins with a tiny inward step. Do you need to uproot to reroot?

Go forward today as you mean to go forward in life overall 💜

Sometimes we need to uproot ourselves so we can reroot into a foundation that’s authentically in alignment for who we are. 

I know it can be scary to go within. It can feel scary to be embodied and mindful and to meditate. It can be unnerving to witness our monkey mind, which can appear critical, mean, annoying, crazy, extreme, frightening, or all of these. It helped me to have a guide. If you'd like help going within to listen for your next step, text/call 607-244-7146, email: averill.kristine@gmail.com, contact me. I hope to hear from you 💫


Kristine 💕

I love flowers! These are thanks to my sweetheart, Nathan 🥰

One of my loves

February 14, 2024

This month I guided somatic inquiries on the theme of love 💕 

In honor of that, I share about one of my loves! 

I love how I spend my workdays and I love my schedule.

I love meeting with clients 1:1 for an hour on the phone or zoom. I love giving Reiki sessions. I love teaching somatics and QiGong classes at Yoga Farm Ithaca 

I love having 2-3 sessions or classes every workday. I love having a half hour or hour in between sessions or classes. 

I love seeing clients schedule sessions and classes with me. They’re ready to heal, move their energy, do inner work, and they chose me! 

I love seeing clients every week or two for a few months, a few years, or for our whole lives! 

I love how I feel going into sessions and classes, during them, and after them.

I enjoy setting up my space for a session, bringing my tea/water, opening my client files, readying a pen I like, and reviewing our past sessions. 

I look forward to and I’m excited to meet people wherever they’re at, to help them release anxiety, regulate their nervous systems, somatically relax the body, heal stress, tension and trauma, and envision the future they want so they can live the life they want!

I love helping and observing people shift their energy from a state of unease, insecurity, or distress to ease, security, clarity, and inspiration. 

I love continuing on my healing journey so I’m at the top of my game for my clients and students. I love having sessions and classes with my teachers. It’s hard, but I love doing inner work so I can stay regulated and heal my shit so I can be the best version of myself! I love meditating in groups and on my own, in guided practices and in silence. I love knowing the research on the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, Reiki, and movement.

To be continued 💫

Thank you for witnessing my journey of creating my business and of loving my work! 🙏🏼💜😁

Reiki at Yoga Farm 🙌

February 1, 2024

Reiki on Valentine's Day! Give yourself or another the gift of healing and smooth-flowing life force energy; even better, come with your sweetheart ♥️ 

Starting this month, I will be giving a group Reiki session at Yoga Farm Ithaca every second Wednesday of the months through April 2024.  

"Reiki is a Japanese relaxation and healing modality that gently encourages movement of naturally-occurring life force energy or qi/chi through physical and subtle body systems. Reiki helps move any ‘issues that are stuck in the tissues’. To receive group Reiki and a few minutes of individual Reiki, simply show up, relax into a comfortable position, and receive, receive, receive. Kristine does the work:) This is a lovely energy healing session that is gentle, effective, and will help you heal and harmonize for your highest good. Come yourself, with someone, or make a gift of this rich hour of healing to a loved one."

Workshop at Goldenrod Depot

January, 27 2024

Are you pushing too hard or trying to do too much? Do you want to loosen up and enjoy life in healthy ways but you're not sure how?

Do you want to love life? Love yourself? Kindle a relationship?

In this workshop, we'll cover somatic (body-based) ways to regulate the nervous system so you can focus on what feels good in the body. You'll leave with strategies to move stress, tension, and trauma out of the body so there's space to welcome in enjoyment... and love.

Contact me directly to register and find out more. 

Also, I'm happy to offer workshops for your private group in your own space or we can find another place. It could be a friends group, a ladies group, church or craft group, sports or athletics group, music group, etc.!

My first workshop was a big success ❤️

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Last night, I was thrilled to lead my first workshop on somatic mindfulness and somatic inquiry. I also gave everyone a jolt of Reiki to help them through the season and through the many other things many of us face on top of the busy time of year. I had 9 lovely attendees who were so engaged and responsive. My heart melts in reliving the experience... to get to share practices that have helped me heal, that can increase their individual healing, and that increase the healing of our world is such a privilege. I'm feeling so grateful ❤️

We went over a bunch of practices and I realized I wanted to spend more time doing the practices. So I'm already thinking of another workshop that will be more focused on experiencing. As much as I like talking about somatic practices that help us regulate the nervous system, I like guiding people into and through the practices even more. 

I'm also stoked to combine Reiki with sound healing, a gong bath, singing bowls. I'm so excited to create more of these healing events so we all can increasingly relax, regulate our nervous systems, heal, grow, and radiate the amazing love that's already within. 

Check out my first appearance as a guest on a podcast! 

Thursday, May 16, 2023

Excited for my first experience as a guest on a podcast! I had the pleasure of sharing my story with my delightful friend, Shirley Markant. In the podcast, we talk about journeying onward from the world of academics. 

Hold your quiet, distant center.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

I recently found this torn-at-the-edge quarter page in a box I was sorting. I'm pretty sure it first came to me tucked in next to a loaf of bread, part of a share in my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription. It was at least two years ago. I kept it. 

This week, I read these words and tears welled up in my eyes. Maybe emotion was why I kept it years ago too.

'A world that revolves around me' seems self-centered and selfish and through my healing journey, I've come to believe it's healthy to direct love towards ourselves first. Eg, fill your own cup first. And in giving metta or sending lovingkindness, we begin with ourselves. I also think of the Rumi quote, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” By holding my quiet center, I gently change myself and set that example for my kids and others around me. 

It seems I have sought a centering approach subconsciously for a long time, maybe my whole life. I recognize the seeker in me as I look back on all the ages and scenes within me. Maybe my center is what I've always been seeking. If so, indeed it's felt quiet and distant and the yearning has been undeniably persistent. 

Just like spring has the dependable ritual of coming back around again and again, so it seems what we are seeking, unconsciously or not, will eventually meet with us. 

"What you seek is seeking you." -Rumi

Aching for the beach

Sunday, February 26, 2023 – a second inspiration of the day 

I have been aching to be at the beach. The waves and sand repeatedly call me. And they came! Without the heat I had imagined…AND it was perfect. 

How would you be if you believed you were in exactly the right place at the right time? How would you be if you believed this all the time? Could you soften your shoulders and release your belly? Could you relax your fingers and your toes? Would you be kind to and accepting of yourself and others?

Trust that the aches and calls bring us to softening, believing, and knowing we’re exactly where we need to be. 

I’d be impressed if you recognized the beach we visited!

What if?

Sunday, February 26, 2023

What if you became aware you were traveling a path that no longer fit with your deepest desires? You know you’re meant for something else and you don’t know what! For many of us, the reflex to make big decisions might be to engage the ‘thinking thinking’ mind. The problem is that if we continue to employ tools we’ve always used, we’re going to get what we’ve always gotten.

If past approaches no longer work, what would happen if we changed out the lens used for making decisions? Now might be the perfect time to switch the primary resource used for decision-making to find the path that aligns with our inner desires.

I’ve learned the mind is a resource and a servant; the heart is the real inner master. Just like a trainer teaching an owner how to be in charge of their pet, we can be in charge of our mind. We can choose to use the mind as a resource. As soon as we notice the mind going in a routine direction, we can say, “I am in charge,” and then go the other way. For example, when you notice the mind ‘thinking thinking,’ redirect that brain-centered activity and energy down into the heart. Act as if you could move the sphere of focus from up in the head down through the throat and neck, and place it securely in the heart. What would it feel like to drive your life from the wisdom of the heart? Could your path bloom ahead?

If you’re not already living and working from your heart and if you don’t already feel aligned, how can you actually shift gears? I’m here riding the difficult waves of trial and error to find out and I’m looking forward to continuing sharing what I learn.

I’m available to consult with you 1:1 and help you shift and strengthen the seat of your decision-making power, so reach out. And please share what has worked for you!

Averill Farm, Connecticut

Something’s not working…

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

I had been contemplating whether academia was a good fit for me since my first year. As a questioning graduate student, friends would ask, “well, what else would you do?” and I never had a good response. And decades later, after giving academia my best shot and producing great results, I still don’t know what I want to do.

For years I felt a lot of shame about not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. And I felt shame such as, “shouldn’t I be happy with a secure job?” There are still twinges of those sentiments and yet for the most part I’ve developed a sense of peace with my unknowing. I realized I couldn’t force self discovery and what I could do was to keep trying different things. I’m fully intent on discovering my next steps and I can increasingly sense what the work will be through trial and clarification.

So instead of staying in academia and continuing trying to figure out what I wanted to do from within, I tried something different. I took a plunge and left my nice and flexible job as a researcher and instructor at Cornell. I exited peacefully and with a score of skills after having a wide breadth of experiences throughout 15 years in academia. A big resistance to leaving was saying goodbye to the people and the relationships I had developed. I was fortunate to have had positive academic experiences and to have worked with such incredible people. And importantly, deep down I knew academia wasn’t the right fit and leaving was right.

A favorite fall bloom: dahlias

I love.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Recently I repeat this, ‘I love’, when emotions rise up. I tell a fresh story of how loving is at the heart of each emotion, each thought too. We hurt BECAUSE we love. Often I can rejoice and relax into this tenderness. Other times it’s too far a leap to go there straightaway, so I do my best to hold myself in discomfort… a glimpse into what might be happening between otherwise joyous scenes.

A teacher told me this week, ‘the only hurt we experience is limiting love’ Try it on!

Morning rainbow

Arguing with reality.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Morning rainbow… I love remembering what Byron Katie says, “if you argue with reality, you lose - but only 100% of the time.” We don’t argue with life’s delights, such as this rare morning rainbow… We only argue against reality when we believe it’s supposed to look like something else. Shedding belief after belief over here, unreeling toward truth.