Hi, I'm Kristine. I invite you to:


Relax, heal, and reveal your path forward.

If you feel stuck maybe in uncertainty or burnout, let me help you manage any anxiety and gain clarity about your purpose.

Then you can have the life and impact you want.

I'd be honored to help you release what's holding you back.

Somatic Mindfulness & Inquiry

Healing & Harmony

Health & Mobility

Curiosity of Awareness

Somatics at YFI - curious awareness of sensation.m4a

Somatics at
Yoga Farm Ithaca

Sample a 25-minute audio meditation I recorded during part of my Somatic Mindfulness class Saturdays at 11:30 in person at YFI.

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Hello, sweet soul. I'm Kristine.

I invite you to ask yourself, 

Do I feel good in my body? In my work? In my relationship? In my life?

If not, can you tell if it's physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual discomfort? 

I would love to work together to decipher the unique internal directions your unease or agitation is revealing.


You're in the right place.

"After each session, I feel calmer and lighter in body and spirit. I am so grateful for the support from Kristine in helping me move through the stuck and difficult areas in my life so I can focus on my future and the life I want to create for myself and my family.

-Lynn Hanger, Denver, CO

I invite you on a revitalizing path forward.


Build Resilience. 

The first step towards living the fullest life is connecting with the body. When we connect with the body, we move and breathe, and then it's possible to move the mind and emotions! What's your favorite way to connect with the body or move? I invite you join me in yoga or QiGong to mobilize, soften, lengthen, and strengthen. 

Feeling blocked, resistant, overextended, or uninterested in body, movement, or breath? Schedule a session and we can go within to find out why. Together, we can get you in touch with the body to move and breathe.


Leverage body intuition to make impactful actions.

Connecting to the body and breath can bring up discomfort. Please don't despair. The discomfort is a pathway to healing. I've been in extreme discomfort and I've sometimes felt frustrated in not knowing why. I can guide you to bring to life the beautiful being inside you. We go within, notice what's arising somatically (in the body), heal what's ready, and discover clarity so you can have the impact you want in life while doing what you love. 

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REGULATE the Nervous System

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"Kristine is an extremely thoughtful practitioner. By holding space and leading me through exercises to become more in touch with what I am carrying emotionally and how it is showing up in my body, she allowed me to locate and let go of some of the limiting beliefs I have been carrying with me for years."

-Christian Mortensen, Brooklyn, NY

Are you ready to dive within?  

Do you ask any of these questions?

Will I always feel like this?

Can I ever be free of suffering?

Is it possible to feel fulfilled?

Explore more in this blog post.

"I find myself looking forward to these sessions the same way I look forward to my massage and yoga sessions. I know I am going to enter in one state and I will leave having awareness of what was there that I wasn't giving my full attention to and having settled into my own energy such that everything feels more like it is in its right place."

-Erica O, Ithaca, NY

Unlock the body with movement

Knock back anxiety in 5 minutes.

Get a Free Training.

Give yourself or another the gift of:

Going within, 

Allowing space,

Blooming with aliveness.

Centering to Life, One Breath at a Time.

Let’s get started.

With love, 

Kristine 💕

If you don't know what you need, 

schedule a call or session and we'll figure it out together.