With my 5-Step Roadmap

If you feel trapped in uncertainty or burnout, manage anxiety and gain clarity about your purpose so you create the impact you want while doing what you love. 

I invite you to join me to release the tension and agitation that are holding you back.

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To achieve nervous system regulation

Hello, sweet soul. 

I welcome you to ask yourself, 

Do I feel good in my body? In my work? In my relationship? In my life?

If not, can you tell if it's physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual discomfort? 

I would love to work together to decipher the unique internal directions your unease or agitation is revealing.


You're in the right place.

"What you seek is seeking you." Rumi

I invite you on a revitalizing path forward.


Build Resilience. 

The first step towards living the fullest life is connecting with the body. When we connect with the body, we move and breathe, and then it's possible to move the mind and emotions! What's your favorite way to connect with the body or move? I invite you join me in yoga to loosen, lengthen, and strengthen. 

Feeling blocked, resistant, overextended, or uninterested in body, movement, or breath? Schedule a session and we can go within to find out why. Together, we can get you in touch with the body to move and breathe.


Leverage body intuition to make impactful actions.

Connecting to the body and breath can bring up discomfort. Please don't despair. The discomfort is a pathway to healing. I've been in extreme discomfort and I've sometimes been frustrated in not knowing why. I can guide you to bring to life the beautiful being inside you. We go within, notice what's arising somatically (in the body), heal what's ready, and discover clarity so you can have the impact you want in life while doing what you love. 

Are you ready to really live and love life? Do you want to FREE yourself from suffering, feeling stuck, and fearful? Are you ready to be filled with life purpose?

Do you have the thoughts, "I want to run away" or "I want to hide" or "I want to disappear"?

You might feel that suffering or unhealthy habits are inevitable parts of life and you just have to weather the storm and move on. If so, you are not alone. I have been exactly there and I have also come out of the darkest of nights. 

I have learned to feel extreme stress and emotion without disintegrating under the pressure. You can learn too. Like I did, you might find your unwanted habits and addictions quit you. Read more about my story here.

Do you ask any of these questions?

Will I always feel like this?

Can I ever be free of suffering?

Is it possible to feel fulfilled?

I can and want to help. Are you ready to release what's no longer serving you, shift your life, and achieve your intentions and goals?

Let us begin centering and clarifying together, starting with the nervous system.  Using somatic mindfulness (body awareness) and inquiry, we go where you want in our sessions and where you are ready to look. We listen on multiple levels to your pains. We work to overcome what is holding you back. We replace fear and control with love and freedom. You can learn how to maintain steadiness in the eye of the storm, no matter what is going on around you. I am here to help. 

You don't have to continue suffering or ignore your discomfort. I will guide you every step of the way toward ease, clarity of purpose, comfort, and joy.

YOGA or ANY Movement

I'm all about preventive and proactive healthcare. Guess what, movement is part of the medicine! My doctor says "sitting is the new smoking" and, I say, "movement is the best counteraction to sitting!"

We are what we eat and how we move. If we sit in a chair a lot, we don't want to resemble one... Stiff, wooden, and hard to move. 

Not only does movement keep our muscles strong, joints lubricated, bones dense, lymph pumping, and our immune systems strong, but moving the body moves the mind! If you're feeling sluggish or stuck, get moving. Move it or lose it, friend! 

Give yourself the gift of:

Going within,

Allowing space,

Blooming with aliveness.