Yoga and Qigong with Kristine

Let's use poses to get into the body.

Do your body, mind, or emotions feel stiff or tense? 

I've been there, I feel for you, AND it doesn't have to stay that way. 

There's a beautiful way to transform your physicality and literally move toward freedom and flow in body and breath. 

Do you want to increase physical, mental, or emotional range of movement, flexibility, and strength? Do you want to do it by tuning into a sweet movement and breath experience from you right where you are? 

If you can breathe, you can do yoga! 

Join me over zoom for an hour on Tuesdays at 9:30 am EST for Yoga with me and a Chair

Join me in-person at Yoga Farm Ithaca on 

Saturdays at 11:30 am for Somatic Mindfulness

1 pm for Qigong


Maybe you're thinking of friends or family who want to try yoga but they don't think they're flexible enough or skilled enough, so please share this with them. Give it a try and move and breathe with me! 

Yoga with Kristine and a Chair

I'd love for you to join me in an accessible yoga class where we use a chair as the only prop you need. ALL you need is a chair! I lead gentle, accessible, and body-focused classes. You could join me from your home, office, or even outside if your weather suits it :) 

This class meets you where you're at and is easier or harder depending on what feels good to you in the moment. 

Classes are $15-25 (sliding scale based on your ability)

Contact me to sign up and for the link. 

Take care of your beautiful body. You only get the one this time around! 

I accept payment through Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal. I accept cash/check if in person.  

You are an amazing physical and nonphysical being. And my work is all about helping the many layers of your inner beauty emerge. I lead accessible yoga classes that meet your needs. I use my eye, inner sense for detail, and broad experience to guide you through a full-body tuneup for your spine, your breath, your mind, and your whole being.

I guide a mix of seated and standing poses. 

Feel free to use the chair completely, for balance, or just for seated poses.

Some of the yoga poses include:

Cat cow

Side bends

Seated twist

Forward fold

Seated pigeon

Chair bridge

Breath of joy

Pose of stillness 

Willow tree


Yogi marches


Chair pose :)


As of September 2023, I also teach at Yoga Farm Ithaca!

Find my classes and over 30 others every week at YFI

509 N. Meadow St., Ithaca, NY 

Yoga Farm accepts payment by credit card through MindBodyOnline 


navigate with peace

navigate with love

let compassion guide 

it all begins with us


Goddess pose with a smile and goggles

Being silly in goddess pose and fundraising for Hospicare's Women Swimmin' event in Ithaca, NY