Calling teachers, let me appreciate and help you. 

In honor of Teacher Appreciation, I'm giving away free sessions.

Teachers give so much. Time to receive.

Are you a teacher or do you know one who's feeling stressed or tense? As a thank you to teachers, I'm giving them a free session. Any kind of teacher. Anytime this year. 

My goal is to give to 25 teachers, so please pass the word.  

This is for a teacher who feels: 



tense, or 


We can work on something that's been bothering you this week, this year, or on something from further in the past that keeps popping up...

I wish x wouldn't keep happening.

why can't I be relaxed about y? 

why won't they do z? 

You choose... either I'll do the healing for you–Reiki or we can work together to release your issue through inner healing–somatic mindfulness and inquiry.

Teachers, just let me know you want to redeem this gift voucher. 

Redeem for a one-hour session anytime this year.

With love, 

Kristine 💕