Do you know you need a change in your life and you don't know what that looks like? 

Do you want to feel free from anxiety, stress, and tension?

If yes, work with me! 

Regulate Your Nervous System:

Your Roadmap to Creating the Life Experience You Want While Doing What You Love

This month, my Regulate Your Nervous System program is available at an introductory rate. Based on somatic mindfulness and somatic inquiry, this program includes simple and powerful practices for relaxing and regulating the nervous system and healing to move beyond what is holding us back. I'm looking for incredible people who are ready to overcome uncertainty or suffering and step into freedom and purpose. You or someone you know might be the perfect fit. You have the choice of somato-Reiki or pure Reiki sessions to support your healing. 

Please share this with anyone you know who is suffering.

This program is for anyone who feels any of the following: 

Through my Nervous System Regulation program, you will learn to:

1   Rediscover your body as an incredible intelligence. 

2   Listen to the ancient wisdom in your body, where pain tells you the exact next direction to go.

3   Trust your innate wisdom and intuition to make impactful actions.

4   Replace burnout and anxiety with a regulated nervous system, confidence, and joy.

“Trauma is any event that is too overwhelming, too painful, or too confusing for us to fully experience and to remain present to with our whole body, heart, and mind. We constrict our body against the impact of trauma, binding within these constrictions the memories and emotions of traumatic events, and to suppress behaviors such as crying or expressing anger that might evoke traumatic encounters with other people. ”  

Judith Blackstone, Realization Process

For each step of this customized-to-you Regulating Your Nervous System program, I will offer and guide practices to help you regulate your nervous system and leverage your body’s wisdom toward your unique purpose. 

Step 1.  Build resilience: Know and Embrace Your Body System

Step 2.  Manage and Reduce Stuck Trauma and Pain: Regulate Your Nervous System

Step 3.  Be Happier and Feel Lighter: Use Body-Focused Inquiry to Heal Wounds

Step 4.  Gain Clarity of Purpose: Inquire Toward Intuition

Step 5.  Thrive: Turn Your Assets into Impactful Actions

After working through the program, you will feel happier and clearer about your purpose so you can have the impact you want in life while doing what you love. 

I invite you to work through your transformation during 4-6 months.  We will meet in 11, 1-on-1 sessions of 1 hour each.  We will customize the schedule and specific practices to meet your needs.  I suggest meeting approximately every 2 weeks.  Between-session practices and check-ins with me will help you hone in on the steps and practices that benefit you most.  

I have offerings with different price points depending on the type of experience you want. It's all customized for you. Ask me about a scholarship if you are experiencing financial stress.

Let’s get started!

With love, 


"Working with Kristine has been such a blessing!  Her soft and gentle nature supported me in going deeper into my ability to move through the difficult emotions I was working through.  Kristine is a wonderful and skilled healer who emanates the peace, courage, grace, and presence she has helped me to attain by working with her.  Her kind and thoughtful guidance allowed me to work through lingering PTSD symptoms and regulate my stress response as I navigate life as an entrepreneur and mother.   I have less anxiety in my system as I learn to be present in my body and with the feelings as they arise. After each session, I am more calm and feel lighter in body and spirit.  I am so grateful for the support from Kristine in helping me move through the stuck and difficult areas in my life so I can focus on my future and the life I want to create for myself and my family.  The tools I have learned and the gems she shared have stuck with me and been a valuable resource when stress arises.  Thank you so much, Kristine!!

-LH, Denver, CO

"Kristine is an extremely thoughtful practitioner. By holding space and leading me through exercises to become more in touch with what I am carrying emotionally and how it is showing up in my body, she allowed me to locate and let go of some of the limiting beliefs I have been carrying with me for years. I highly recommend her Somatic Mindfulness sessions for anyone who wants to not only think about, but deeply feel the things happening within." 

-Christian Mortensen, Brooklyn, NY

I know you might feel discouraged or frustrated right now. You're not alone. 

I used to feel uncertain and overwhelmed with all the things. I felt swallowed by my own expectations and those others' had for me. I lived in large part just to fill these expectations. I suffered immensely in emotion, body, mind, and spirit. I look back and see how I was dissociated from my body and from my deepest callings. Worse, I had no idea why I was even alive. I was depressed and anxious and living in fear, which is actually not living at all, at least not the life I wanted. If you resonate, you're in the right place.

You were drawn here for a reason.

Like I was, you also may be suffering from trauma. I understand trauma as being the effects in our body resulting from anything that has happened or is happening to us we did not or do not want. Trauma might feel like stress or agitation or pain. Whether your suffering is related to health or work or parenting or relationships or to the pandemic, the effects of these challenges are harbored in our bodies and in our habits. Storing traumas is a natural human survival response; it's nothing to be ashamed about. External stressors will always arise AND we don't need to store them or suffer them. We can learn to process trauma so it doesn't lodge in our bodies. To release suffering and habits we no longer want, we can release the residues of trauma. I can guide you because I went through it myself.

I went from wanting to stuff my head in the ground to feeling certainty, joy, and gratitude. 

I welcome all parts of you, whether or not all or certain parts feel hurt, disconnected, dissociated, or dissatisfied. I will walk you through a step-by-step, integrative process to help you move towards your unique center. 

Through Regulating Your Nervous System Regulation, we gently initially and eventually deeply explore your inner landscape to:

Trust your incredible body wisdom,

Manage anxiety and stresses,

Release what is no longer serving

Heal what is ready

Clarify your purpose, and 

Feel fulfilled with life purpose.

I draw from my direct personal suffering and healing experiences and from a wide array of training and experience in mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, inquiry, visualization, yoga, inner self-study and external scientific research, and mentoring to help you align inner desires and outer actions. I offer approaches and practices that have been successful in my healing journey. 

Read more about me here. 

"Connection, inclusion, and co-regulating help us move trauma out of our body."

Lynn Fraser, Stillpoint

Are you hearing the call to go within?

In my sessions,

Regulating your nervous system and moving toward clarity and impact with awareness IS POSSIBLE

Contact me with any questions and I look forward to working with you.

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”